Counselling in Schools / Academies

The word counselling against students table with school supplies

I can offer counselling to children and young people in secondary schools and academies in the East Riding of Yorkshire and Hull. 

Appointments in school time will be fitted either around lesson time or during lunch / break times or after school.

I will work in support of the school / academy's safeguarding officer and pastoral team. 

Examples of the Issues that Young People discuss in Counselling:
* Abuse (Emotional, Physical and Sexual)
* Anger
* Anxiety and depression
* Bereavement and Loss
* Bullying and Cyber bullying
* Disability
* Drugs
* Eating disorders: anorexia, binge eating and bulimia
* Exams and academic pressure
* Family issues and relationships
* Friendships and relationships
* Parents separating and divorcing
* Self-confidence and self-esteem
* Self harm and suicidal thoughts
* Sexual issues and sexuality
* Stress
* Trauma and the impact of Covid-19 / Coronavirus pandemic

* I charge £90 for Half Day (up to 3 counselling sessions)

* I charge £180 for a Full Day

Useful Information about Counselling in Schools

BACP's Good Practice Guide in School Counselling

Department for Education Counselling in Schools

Roehampton University: Ethos Research into effective of School Counselling

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