I enjoy offering counselling to children and young people. I started my work in 1998 and I have gained experience working in private counselling practice, youth centres, and in schools (both primary and secondary) settings.
To help me offer effective counselling to this client group, I have also completed additional CYP training in therapeutic play (e.g. using a sandtray with miniatures) and expressive art therapy (e.g. using art and play doh). Both of these ways of working, I have found greatly help children and young people express their emotions. 


If you are worried about:
the effect events are having on you
your parents separating or getting a divorce
* feeling sad about a friend or someone in your family
* your behaviour
* your friends or family
* going to school or talking to a teacher
* just maybe feeling overwhelmed and not sure what to do 

Have a look at the Schools page of this website and you will find many other examples of issues / topics that young people talk about in their counselling sessions.

As your counsellor, I:
* will listen to you as best as I can to whatever it is that you want to talk about

* will keep whatever you say confidential (there are some exceptions this when you might be at risk)
will not tell you what to do
* will not judge you
* may offer you information if you want it
* will not dismiss you or your ideas or your feelings

No matter how big or small the problem is, I will be interested to talk with and listen to you.