What is the person centred approach?

 "The person centred approach is based on the theory and philosophy of Carl Rogers. The unifying principle of the approach is that the person who is the center of the relationship (client, student, child, worker, etc.) be in control of its direction, and the "helper" (therapist, teacher, parent, manager, etc.) possess a non-directive attitude toward the central person.

Taking client-centered therapy as an example, this non directive attitude both underlies and flows out of the nature of the therapist's work. The role of the therapist is to experience understanding of the expressions of the client from the client's perspective ("empathic understanding") and acceptance of the client without judgment, positive or negative, of any particular manifestation of the client ("unconditional positive regard.")

The ADPCA definition states: "Rogers believed that to the extent that the therapist (or other helper) experiences empathic understanding and unconditional positive regard and the client (or other central person) has some level of awareness of that empathic understanding and unconditional positive regard, then positive change will result. One's ability to experience empathic understanding and unconditional positive regard is limited, according to Rogers, by the degree of one's congruence in the relationship, where "congruence" is the helper's genuineness and transparency, characterized by a lack of deception whether intentional or arising from a lack of self-awareness.” 

the Person-Centred Association

You can also find out more about the Person Centred Approach, please go to the website of the Person Centred Association.

Using the Person Centred Approach with Children and Young People

You can watch a You Tube video delivered by a colleague of mine (Sue Lewis) discussing how to apply the Person Centred Approach to Children and Young People.


A Demonstration Counselling Session that I offered for the Online Events website

You can also watch a You Tube video of me delivering a counselling demonstration session of the Person Centred Approach.

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