I offer counselling to children and young people in primary/secondary schools and academies in the East Riding of Yorkshire and Hull. 

Appointments can be held either in school/academy (during school time) or after school at the Ellesmere Centre.

Appointments in school time will be fitted either around lesson time or lunchtime (with the school's/academy's permission).

Issues that are worrying children or young people and they may want to discuss in counselling include:
* Abuse (Emotional, Physical and Sexual)
* Anger
* Anxiety and depression
* Bereavement and Loss
* Bullying and Cyber bullying
* Disability
* Drugs
* Eating disorders: anorexia and bulimia
* Exams
* Family issues
* Friendships and relationships
* Parents separating and divorcing
* Self-confidence and self-esteem
* Self harm and suicidal thoughts
* Sexual issues and sexuality

* Half Day (Up to 3 sessions): £75
* Full Day: £150